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Our mission
To build human and social capital by connecting the disconnected

We focus on the underserved and people with disabilities, bringing them access to:
  • computers
  • printers
  • furniture
  • connectivity
  • volunteers
  • mentors
  • trainers
  • maintenance of computer networks
  • curriculum
  • internships

Click here to learn more about our plan that addresses the following:

To bring together resources from the public sector, private sector, faith-based and community-based organizations, to bridge the Digital Divide.
To help everyone understand how doing this helps all Americans, not only minorities and people with disabilities.  
To ensure that all of our facilities are properly maintained and our plumbing facilities and electrical systems are up to date and safe to use.  

To show how donating computers and related equipment keeps them out of landfills, which helps the environment.

FACTS ABOUT E-WASTE - courtesy of dosomething.org

Our process is drawn out for easy viewing below:

Machines you
can write off,
People you can’t


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Wipe Your Hard Drives...
Computers that are being disposed of, should be wiped clean.
You can download a utility that will wipe the disks clean.